Michelangelo Buonarroti
"I saw an angel in the marble and I carved it to free him"

Arthur Conan Doyle

"The supreme touch of the artist, knows when to stop"

Antonio Canova

"The plastic shape does not represent the figure, but exalts and transforms it"

The COOPERATIVA SCULTORI DI CARRARA, was founded on the 23 rd December 2016, through the union of young workers from Carrara:

Riccardo Barsottini, Raffaele Bruzzi and Diego Zampolini.

Four young sculptors who still use the chisels and who know how to mark points from the sketch to the marble block, use the compass technique to rough-hew the sculpture by hand. Just as Michelangelo used to do, these sculptors release the forms out of their marble prison.

This four young sculptors possess the most ancient and singular tradition of Carrara in their blood and vision. They have more than twenty-years experience in the memorable Nicoli workshop which allows them to create and be inspired from the most artistic minds of contemporary sculptors. This shapes the marble into the artists ‘genius will.

The COOPERATIVA SCULTORI DI CARRARA finds itself in a place which is particularly significant: it is right in the historic heart of the Carrarese marble production, in the first building built in 1864 by Walton purpose built for the marble manufacturing

Workers have been representing the prominence of Carrara since the most important sculptors of the Italian art history went there to personally choose their marble blocks. Actually, these artists are born with an innate sense of working with the marble, a quality that many in Carrara possess. A special and precious sense that starts from a bond and a feeling with the mountain in order to extract the white gold they keep inside themselves. This ends with the ability of seeing the statue inside the block, giving it life as it was a living being.

This young cooperative welcomes new generations of sculptors who want to learn the job in order to both preserve the marble traditions and to add value to the today’s generation that represent the treasure of Carrara.

For these reasons, internships have been planned and are open to both students of the marble school and for the attendants of the Belle Arti Academy sculpture’s course.

The Coperativa Scultori di Carrara has a dream, that Carrara will once again be called “the little Paris” as it was at the beginning of the 1900s when the artistic part of this city ruled over everything.

This new Cooperative was firstly supported by the Cooperativa Cavatori Canalgrande and then by the Cooperativa Gioia e di Lorano which immediately understood the importance of the special artistic process that helps increase the value and fame of this Apuan marble.


cooperativa scultori di carrara